This website shows you the 15 pictures of the screensaver "Edinburgh".

You get 4 screensavers: with and without music and with and animation but always the same pictures. You can choose by yourself which of the four screensavers you install and can exchange them as you like. File size: app. 1,3 MB.

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Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle Entrance Edinburgh Castle The Maiden, Edinburgh Museum
Edinburgh Parliament Princess Street Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle Palace of Holyroodhouse
Irokese Piper St. Margaretīs Chapel Military Tattoo Princess Street
Scott Memorial St. Giles Cathedral Old Tolbooth, Royal Mile

Background music:
Title: "Auld Lang Syne" (bagpipe music)

4 Screensavers "Edinburgh":

$ 6.50


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Border, Castles 1, Castles 2, Castles 3, Edinburgh, Highlands, Hebrides, The North

Two different screensavers in 4 variations (=8):

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Three different screensavers in 4 variations (=12):

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Six different screensavers in 4 variations (=24)

US-$ 22 instead of US-$ 39

Seven different screensavers in 4 variations (=28)

US-$ 25 instead of US-$ 45.50

Eight different screensavers in 4 variations (=32)

US-$ 28 instead of US-$ 52

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